Your path to a great garden design

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An hour-and-a-half, fixed-cost, in-person consultation, where I come and visit your garden. We will discuss your ideas and I will offer suggestions on the overall layout, planting and materials for hard landscaping. You can keep any sketches or materials I create.
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Starts with a consultation and an initial survey. I will draw up a concept plan before a second consultation. Once the plan is agreed, I’ll provide the following:

  • Master plan
  • Visualisations of the finished garden
  • Planting plan
  • Guidance on materials (and how to source them)


Depending on the plan, I can also provide construction drawings. The design cost will depend on the site and your individual requirements.

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Includes the same design work as the Magnolia package, but I will also create a detailed planting plan, source the plants, set them out and plant them. I’ll work with a respected landscaping contractor to ensure the project runs smoothly. I’ll provide you with frequent updates on your garden’s progress.

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