Sheltered Garden Design

St. Albans, Hertfordshire

The already small garden has been reduced further by a new extension to the house. My clients have asked me to develop a design that will provide shelter from the sun and also create more interest to the space.

I have developed a design that splits the area into different ‘rooms’, that will provide shelter from onlookers and add privacy to enable them to enjoy the outdoor space. The area around the Pergola will be generous enough to place a BBQ and have friends over for a alfresco dinner. Planting will soften the hard landscaping and add texture to the garden.

Helene has created a beautiful gravel and boulder space with ferns, succulents and grasses. I asked her to replace the tired old hedge in a very narrow and unpromising site at the front of my house. Helene immediately understood what I was looking for and provided very professional designs and mood boards so that we could discuss the final plan and planting. She was always courteous and polite, fun to work with, and kept me informed of progress. I am very pleased with the result.


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