Garden and plant design

Barwick, Hertfordshire

The clients felt that their garden lacked interest and discouraged exploration. The house seemed out of place in its surroundings.

My design creates different spaces within the garden, that feel personal. I planted trees and perennials that add structure and interest to the garden. The house is no longer a stark feature but sits comfortably in the landscape.

It is desirable to borrow the views of the Landscape and enhance them within the design.

Helene has created a beautiful gravel and boulder space with ferns, succulents and grasses. I asked her to replace the tired old hedge in a very narrow and unpromising site at the front of my house. Helene immediately understood what I was looking for and provided very professional designs and mood boards so that we could discuss the final plan and planting. She was always courteous and polite, fun to work with, and kept me informed of progress. I am very pleased with the result.


I can help with your garden

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