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Private Garden


A sloped garden set within Hertfordshire.

This sloped garden was difficult to access as the old decking was unsafe and the existing patio to small. We designed a new raised decking with new steps leading into the garden that is surrounded by soft planting. Existing plants were trimmed and given a second lease of life. The lower part of the garden has been transformed into a gravel area with a still pond and a small seating area. 

Helene is lovely to work with and produced a beautiful design for our garden. Our project was for a back garden with a large steep slope that needed a retaining wall. The wall was our main challenge as we needed a solution that wasn’t one 6ft block but also didn’t take up too much space in the garden. Helene provided a design with staggered sections of wall using different materials and lots of areas for planting that worked really well together and we never would’ve thought of ourselves. She also created some lovely areas in the rest of the garden, in what we previously thought of as dead space. Helene was super clear on the process and pricing upfront, flexible during the project, and generally very helpful.

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